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Generic flagyl cost a (c.1400) was famous Spanish courtier who often accompanied Corte-Real to Spain, where he died and was buried; a figure in medieval literature and art. The painting shows face and hair of the male figure, while a face on the right hand side represents female. The painting dates from 1474. Although there is no way at present to confirm what Corte-Real's companion or lover was wearing, it is more likely the woman was a courtesan – married woman hired for a night-time function or the evening. decoration of walls suggests that the pair was not alone. Image caption The female figure is thought to represent the widow of one Corte-Real's courtiers. The next fresco is of an altar with birds, a flower or flowers, and woman seated at it. It is believed the painting dates to 1608. It is now owned by Spain's National Archaeological institute and the state owns estate on which the fresco is located. The next is of a naked or semi-naked man, from the waist up, on a small pedestal in front of a long-haired woman who wears skirt and perhaps a jacket. In the background is a bird and tree. It is now owned by the Spanish embassy in London and is one of the main attractions at Spanish Pavilion in the British Museum. The third fresco is of Corte-Real's last stand and his final fight with Cortes. It shows the soldiers of Cortes who had taken over the town, and royal troops from the town of Sanlúcar, which had not surrendered, attacking and being repulsed. In the middle is Corte Rojo, dressed in a gown made out of Spanish linen, and who is standing on the top of a white shield, with some people standing nearby. It is not, however, the first time Cortes' name has been mentioned in frescoes Mexico. The first was made in 1607 by Antonio Sánchez de Arellano, who was the governor of province Veracruz. Cortez is another patron saint of Mexico He was born into the royal family of New Spain, which had ruled over Mexico since 1519. The town of Vera Cruz – "town the seven treasures" bears his name, too. In the original painting, he and one or more of his men are seen riding a horse, in imitation of the fighting horses day. Cortez is the patron saint of Mexico, and the next fresco is probably from the same time period as last. It is part of a frieze depicting the death of a giant serpent-worm from huge rock known as El Saltillo. The frieze may have been created by Ismael Cortés of New Spain. In the 10th century, he defeated Aztecs and founded Mexico, with the aim of expanding kingdom to the north and south. There are very few archaeological remains at the site, and they offer little explanation of the complex society that lived there – was later conquered by the Spanish and incorporated into civilisation in the 15th century.

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